General Disputes


There are many occasions where the courts arent necessarily the best place to settle disputes, or perhaps you have a claim under $10,000 and dont know how to go about dealing with it?

Many disputes involve your friendly (or not-so friendly) neighbours. Common problems include:

  1. Fences - Arguments over where fences should go, how tall they should be, who is going to pay, how much to pay, colour types etc.
  2. Noise - Is your neighbour partying just a little too hard, or perhaps you have been and the neighbours have lodged a complaint?
  3. Vehicles - Nieghbour parking on your lawn? Doing burnouts?
  4. Tresspass - is someone entering/crossing your property and refusing to stop when asked?

Did you lend someone money and they haven't paid it back? Or perhaps you bought a car and its a lemon? Or had a repair done and they simply didnt do a good job?
Let us help you write to or call the offending party and see if we can get some resolution

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