Professional Fees

The million-dollar question: ‘How much do you charge?’

It’s quite simple really; we either charge fixed fees for a discrete block of work - such as the preparation of a visa application or a last will and testament. If it’s not a fixed fee, then we charge an hourly rate.

Before we start work, and so we can give you a firm quote, you’ll first need to have a consultation with one of our Registered Migration Agents if it relates to a migration matter, or if it’s a legal matter with one of our Lawyers.

Migration Consultations

Are one-off with no further obligation. They are designed to assist in determining the best options available. They generally last 45 minutes. During which, we will cover the following issues if applicable:
• review of education or qualifications; assessment of occupation or work experience;
• advice on correct visa category; sponsorship support;
• skills assessment; business background; family or business assets;
• business or employment plan; points assessment report;
• advice on application forms; response to questions and
• details of all costs.

The fee for a face-to-face consultation in our Melbourne or Canberra offices is $220.00. If you not able to attend one of our offices we can conduct a telephone/skype consultation. Overseas telephone/skype consultations do not attract the 10% GST that Australian consults do, so they are charged at $200.00

Migration Work

All of our Migration Agents are registered with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA), and abide by the Migration Agents Code of Conduct which can be found on the MARA website (Click here for further information)

Nearly all of our migration work is fixed fees. Our fixed fees are within average fees charged by registered migration agents as listed on the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority:

On the rare occasion if it’s not fixed fees, then it will be an hourly rate which is AU$330inc.

If after a consultation you want to engage our services to assist in your migration matter we will provide you with a representation agreement and an invoice for the retainer of our services. The retainer will be 50% of our quoted professional fee. Before we can begin work and provide instruction, the retainer will need to be paid directly into our client trust account, you’ll also need to return the signed representation agreement. The balance of our professional fees fall due once we have completed the work and we’re ready to submit the visa application. Or in the case of us representation you at the Tribunal, the balance of fees fall due prior to the hearing date.

Only on rare occasions will we agree to a payment plan for our professional fees. If we do agree, our fees must be paid in full over a 6-month period.

We cannot guarantee the successful outcome of any visa application, as this is in the hands of the authorities. However, they will provide a frank and honest professional opinion about a client’s ability to meet the visa and migration requirements. We will not take on a client’s case if it does not have merit.