Welcome to Harris Wake

We are a multidisciplinary law firm dealing primarily with Immigration, Criminal and Family law.

We have a few simple philosophies:

1. Get the client the results they want
2. Provide the best possible customer service experience
3. Make a difference
4. Try not to let our successes swell our heads too much, not take ourselves too seriously – enjoy life!

Why choose us?

We get this question a lot. It’s a good question too.

Quite simply we think about the type of service WE would want and expect as the client. Then we strive to exceed what our own expectations would be.

For example, some things you might want from us are:

1. Appropriate qualifications, relevant knowledge and experience
2. Accessible, responsive and down to earth
3. Value for money
4. Recommendations from previous clients

We are certainly qualified. Did you read Owen’s bio? He’s the most educated person we know! Cathrine also has over 15 years full-time experience exclusively in the area of Migration and used to be a case officer for the migration review tribunal.

Most people seem to like us. Who wouldn’t? We’re smart, charismatic, witty and just really nice people who care about our fellow citizens. We are also just a phone call, text or email away. Our service standard is to get back to clients within 24 hours of them contacting us. Except maybe on the weekend. As much as we are workaholics we do all have families and they tend to get a bit grumpy if we don’t spend time with them. So you may not hear from us over the weekend.

Let’s face it, we may have all the qualifications and knowledge in the world. You may think we’re wonderful people. But the price has to be affordable and you need to get value for money. We believe our clients’ matters are too important to risk cutting corners. We do not claim to be the cheapest (because after all, you get what you pay for) but what we do provide is the best service and quality possible, in a highly professional manner. We charge either fixed fees or an hourly rate. See our Fees page for further details on our charges.

Whenever we ask our clients why they chose us over other firms, the answers that come back are they were recommended by a family member or friend or because of previous client testimonials and reviews. We are very proud of our results and we think they give a true indication of what our working relationships with clients is.

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