DIBP increases Partner Visa fees by 50%

The Department of Immigration has announced that they will be increasing their fees for Partner visa applications by up to 50% - a substantial amount when current prices, just for the Primary Applicant vary from $3,085 to $4,575 for a permanent visa application. Additional applicant’s fees will be increasing as well.
At Harris Wake, we assist a lot of clients who have submitted their own Partner Visa applications, not quite realising the amount of evidence they need to provide, where their application has been refused, and we need to assist them in lodging an appeal with the MRT.
With current fees what they are, this ends up being quite an expensive process. With Partner Visa fees increasing by such a large amount (an offshore partner visa application is set to rise from $4,575 to approximately $6,865) it becomes even more important to get it right the first time.
This is where we can help. If you are considering lodging a Partner Visa application, book a consultation with one of our Registered Migration Agents (consultation fees are $150 to $220). They can go through your details with you, point out any potential eligibility hurdles, and discuss our fees to take over the process for you, ensuring that all the necessary criteria is addressed.
A consultation can be booked by calling our head office on +61 3 9036 0000, or by sending an email Email Harris Wake